Wed 23rd Jan 2013 - Just realised its been over 3 years since my last update. Time I get my shit together. Be back soon with an update.





The Story So Far of Normz Cortinas.

Latest Update: 1st November 2009

Well I'll Be fooked, its been that long huh? Heaps to talk about but nothing springs to mind. I've been offered my old coupe back which I'm still thinking about. 

I've spent heaps of money on the TC which is now FOR SALE. I wasnt happy with alot of things with the car so they are now finished or have been redone.

Black Betty is well, Black Betty. Havent done anything to it(dont need to) except gave it a proper paint job. At All Ford Day a couple of years ago alot of people turned thier noses up that it looked like it had been painted with a brush(in fact it was a roller) so we painted it properly in two-pack flat black. Now it looks horn.

I've also added a 1955 Ford F100 to my goodies. It has heaps of plans in place and will get a show on this site but for the time being it's original and standard and will stay like that for a bit.

Every page on the site has been updated. Enjoy :)



All Ford Day 2009

The bi-annual day came around again and this time I had all 3 girls on display. These were taken the day before.









All Ford Day cont'd

There were 3 cars and one of me so logistically it made it simpler to setup the day before. Approx 50 coats of polish and 50 hours spent detailing later the time came to deliver. Hadnt rained in yonks but as soon as my cars were out in the open it let loose with just enough drops to dirty the cars. Got there, stuck the two Cortinas in place and covered them up for Sunday. Drove the F100 in on Sunday and got there (too)early to clean the other cars again.  Pulled lucky number 13 for the TC for the second time in a row.

Was a stinkin hot day with 400 knot winds which brought on a massive crowd. Everyone got burnt and alot of good people met up.

By the end of the day the TC attracted another People's Choice Award. Thats two in two shows. The gratitude runs deep :)

Thanks Again!!

All Cortina Photos Can Be Seen Here






Latest Update: 20 January 2009

No excuse except laziness for lack of update. There isnt much to tell as not much has happened. The girls had a few photos taken with a bloke and his flash 1A camera back in March, I've done a fair bit of work assembling the required goodies for the coupe and making the top secret engine fit. Thats pretty much it except that I'm now at a point where I'm gonna stop hoarding bits and sell the stuff I dont need - which is ALL of it. Time to move on. 

So thats basically it, EVERYTHING including the cars is FOR SALE. I hope you like what I've done, I hope you like it enough that you want to buy it.

Enjoy :)


Just a Small Selection of Shots From March






Latest Update: 16 November 2007

Well shit ay? 6 months already? Be about time I got my arse into gear and updated. Well here you have it, all the latest. Black Betty has had much except a bit of a tidy up, but the big one is that the V8 TC is finally complete - a project car is never complete so technically I have now paused it. That is probably the main reason I havent updated as any spare moment I had was spent getting the car finished.

I also owe my family a few hundred hours so I plan to take the rest of the year off(maybe) from playing Cortinas. 

If this is your first time here, Welcome and have a look around via all the links across the top. If you're only returning for the update there's heaps on every page plus whats below.

On October the 28th, 2007 we had All Ford Day in Perth WA.

A bit of a clean, splash on a bit of makeup and TA-DA the girls scrub up ok. It's probably only the second time Black Betty has seen the wet end of a garden hose and definitely the first time I've ever poked a vacuum cleaner at it. I should run a PB next time I race it by how heavy the vacuum cleaner was, found some really cool stuff I thought I'd lost too.




Introducing my two girls. This is how I presented them to All Ford Day WA 2007.







My 302 Windsor TC in it's "paused" state.







Black Betty

First Pic Says It All







Was advised to set up the day before to "Beat The Rush". Phew!, lucky I did(under the two covers), look at that stampede on the left!!

Check out them clouds. The weather was looking fierce.

On the day, the rain stayed away, a great day was had by all, I met a lot of interesting people and the kiddies at Camp Quality got a well deserved kick in the back pocket.




Overall I had a ball and just to put head on my beer I picked up my first ever award with the V8. I was juiced and a bit teary when I went up to collect my People's Choice Award, to think that of the several hundreds of cars there including GT's and Mustangs etc, the public picked mine as one of their favorites. So a big thanks to those who do like my car and voted for it!  Goin straight to the Pool room.

If you're still reading, thats it, cheers and on with the show.




Update: 16 May  2007

About time I updated. There's heaps on the progress of my TC Sedan, a little bit on Black Betty and a huge update on my MK III coupe and why Ive hidden it from sight.

Cheers and Enjoy!!!!!



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