Sunday 15th October: In the next couple of months there's a going to be a huge shake-up in the Norm Cortina Stable. I'm not going to say yet what it is....and to those who know please keep it to yourself as the only way I can be 100% certain of it happening is by it's actual arrival.

Check back soon as I will update the webpage again the second it arrives.



Friday 16th February:   Well it has arrived. Not really much I want to say right now cept it I'm pretty disappointed with it. It's now under a cover hidden down the back so I cant see it. I'll take some photos of it next time I uncover it and you'll see why I'll be changing the site name to Saga instead of epic.



If you're looking for the May 16 2007 update, it has been moved here.



Novermber 16th 2007 - OK, time to move on. Now that I've got an additional hurdle to get over,  it isnt going to happen whinging about the injustices in life. Now that the V8 TC is finished I have a vacancy in the shed so starting January 1st 2008, my coupe is booked in to have a lot of surgery.


November 2nd 2009 - Not much has happened in this dept except I've been busy planning and collecting all the neccessary goodies so that when I'm ready to go I'll wont have any delays and issues can be kept to a minimum. What I dont have photos of is the front or rear suspensions. It now runs coilovers front and rear and the front end is is 100% adjustable.


Undecided which engine to use. I started going the Barra route but its gonna be a long expensive road. On the other hand I could use a OHC 4.0L and twin-turbo that for alot cheaper and easier.  The rewards are greater with the Barra but at a great expense and hassle.  Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo

Sheetmetal 9 inch and housing I had made in the US by Chris Alston Chassisworks. Everything is Strange or Wilwood and is either billet or aluminium. Pic on the left is what it will look like, on the right is what it looks like now. I have an adjustable 4-link going on with it and as soon as I weld the mounting bracket on, off to the powdercoaters it will go.

GTP52 Wheels I had made in the US to suit the width of the diff.